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My educational background consists of a Master of Arts Degree (International Relations, Boston University, 1979) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Political Science, Kent State University, 1976). I have worked as a photojournalist for Frontline, the newspaper of the Third Infantry Division during my army tour.

My business and corporate experience consists of insurance claims adjusting, tax preparation, management, Initial Public Offerings, stock promotion, trading Stock, Options, Futures and FOREX markets and direct marketing. I have completed the American Writers and Artists (AWAI) Accelerated Copywriting Program and was the in-house copywriter for Affinity Lifestyles, a Las Vegas direct marketing company.

I first became aware of the power of copywriting decades ago when I requested information on the Charles Atlas muscle-building course. The information that arrived was written in the 1930’s, yet still seemed topical, since it tapped into the same basic human emotions that have been a part of all of us for thousands of years. Looking back, I realize that Mr. Atlas was not just selling a muscle-building course…he was selling a dream. A dream not only of no longer being skinny, but succeeding in sports, finally getting attention from girls, and even getting better grades and finding the best career path. To this skinny, insecure teenager, it was just what I needed.

Years later, when I discovered the financial markets, I discovered a host of other books, courses and gurus who would help me unlock the secrets of these markets. The fact that these courses did not always live up to their promises did not diminish the effectiveness of the copywriting.

My interest in alternative health and physical fitness also led to a flood of promotions in my mailbox, which continued my education in the powerful and exciting techniques of great copywriting.

Once I decided to become a professional copywriter, I read and re-read every promotion that I could get my hands on. It soon became apparent to me that there was a basic structure of each letter. Problems were presented, then aggravated… then immediately followed by the solution. In addition, the storytellers seemed to hit home. By tapping into universal human conditions, the most powerful and effective copy convinced the reader that this story was written by someone who has experienced what I am going through. I follow this model.

Finally, I consider myself a student and observer of human nature. I have studied both modern and classic copywriters, since human nature and emotions never change. By taking their ideas and testing them in real market conditions, I truly believe that “there is no new thing under the sun”, and that certain principals of marketing that have worked in the past are working now, and will work in the future.

I am anxious to put all of this to work in a single package-FOR YOU!

Thomas G. Padgett
(330) 475-9680



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