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Exactly what is copywriting?

Copywriting, simply put, is any writing that offers a product or service for sale

So, copywriting is like selling?

No, it is not like selling…it is selling. And it follows the three rules of selling

What are these rules?
  • People do not like the idea of being sold
  • People buy things for emotional, not logical reasons
  • Once they have bought, people need to justify their emotional decision with logic

Are there other copywriting rules and principals?

Of course, there are many more, too numerous to mention. But there are four that any business owner needs to be aware of:
  • Urgency- We want our potential customers to desire the benefit sooner rather than later
  • Usefulness- The headline lets the prospect know that what is offered is valuable
  • Uniqueness- The product or service being offered needs to be different from everything else of its type
  • Ultra-Specific- The potential buyers must know exactly what they are buying. More specifically, they need to know the specific benefits of the product or service.

What can this do for me…and what can you do for me?

By listening to what your company does, understanding your products and/or services completely, researching your competition and knowing your targeted audience, I will use my copywriting skills to present your offer in the most compelling way possible.

For a business to succeed, potential customers must know, quickly and clearly, exactly what benefits you offer them-and what your unique advantages are. Working directly with you, I will come up with a time-tested and proven model to ramp up your profits

One of my strong points is my ability to relate to the potential customer. I always see things from the buyer’s viewpoint, and write as if I am talking to them, one on one.

No matter whom you need to write to, or what your topic is, I can prepare a professional business letter. My years of experience will have the answer.

I also develop e-mails and e-newsletters. Years ago, a web presence was an option, or even a luxury. However, today, a strong, active web page is a necessity. A regular e-mail newsletter loaded with useable content will keep you in your customer’s mind. Working with you for ideas, I will create exactly what you need.

Exactly how do you work?

Once we have reached an agreement, I will complete a first draft of copy. This helps me clarify what you want, and gives you the opportunity to give me feedback. If required, the second draft is fine-tuned and revised. If you still would like a revision, I can complete a third draft for no additional charge.

How do you charge?

As far as pricing…every project is unique. Therefore, I have no set fee schedule. I will give you a quote based specifically on your needs, and I will not stop until you are 100%

How do you determine what will work?

The more information you can give me about your product or service, the better. Then I will begin my own research, and produce the first draft.

For what size business do you write copy?

Easy answer- ANY!

What are your payment terms?

All fees are 100% payable up front-no exceptions or negotiations. I will begin work upon receipt of full payment, and make any changes you want at no additional costs to you.

How long does it take you to complete a project?

Every assignment is different. However, as a rule, I work best in a 3-4 week time frame.

What if I have an emergency? Can you complete the work quicker?

Yes, I can-for an extra fee.

What is your guarantee?

Very simple-you will have professional copy completed on time. Remember, there is no way that I can guarantee any specific response (but the same goes for any other copywriter).

Since copywriting seems easy, I assume that you work cheap.

I have heard this before-but it is not true. I have spent years developing my skills. Remember, there is a world of difference between a great writer in general areas and writing sales copy. At best, copywriting is half writing- the rest is marketing through words.
However, the focus as always is one thing-your bottom line profits. I am quite confident you will be convinced that I have earned my fees!

If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact me.

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