Writing Samples
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Writing Samples

Big Gold - An example of a direct response e-mail for a financial market newsletter.

Cabot Green Newsletter - A “call-to-action” newsletter that takes advantage of what is happening in the world and the markets now.

Deception - An example of tapping into a ever-growing market…skin care.

Golf at the Next Level - Another example of identifying a problem-and offering a solid solution.

Peace of Mind -  A sample of my work for a large company.

The Blaylock Wellness Report - The alternative health market is experiencing rapid growth-and I explain why.

The Natural Way to Health - Another example of telling the reader what we can do for him-and why he needs it now.

Sick and Tired of Making Someone Else Rich? - A sample of a promotion for Affinity Lifestyles.

Optifuel XTR - Another Affinity Lifestyles promotion.

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