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“If the current gold rally continues, gold at $1,000 is just the first stop… on the way to $5,000 per ounce. The actual top of a new gold bubble could actually top 6,000 per ounce.”
–Zeal Intelligence

“Market ructions, the sub-prime conflagration and a collapse of the dollar could send gold prices to more than $3,400 an ounce within the next three years.”
–Elliot Wave Theory

“Gold and silver are now in an historic bull market that will dwarf the 500–1700% profits we made in the 70’s.”
–Market Watch

The gold train is leaving the station, but there is still time to jump on… with the hottest newsletter from Casey’s Research:


Dear Fellow Investor:

Do you remember those stories from the late 70’s? Or perhaps you were investing then… and caught the ride up. And what a ride it was!

The experts” insisted that it “couldn’t keep going up”… even when the price hit $500 per ounce.

But a funny thing happened. We watched in amazement as the price skyrocketed to $600… $700… $800… and higher.

The investors who had the foresight to ignore “the experts”– and believed what they were seeing– made a fortune.

Sadly, many investors didn’t get in…and missed it all. Woulda, coulda, shoulda– the three saddest words in the English language. All they could do was lament the missed opportunity, and pray that it would come back again.

Finally, It Has!

After almost three decades, the worm has turned. Suddenly, gold has shrugged off the doldrums that had been keeping it flat for such a long time. The first question to ask is “Why?” There are several answers… let’s take a look at them:

  • First off, the credit crisis seemingly gets worse almost on a daily basis, and there is no end in sight. This forces central banks to inject more “liquidity” into the system than was anticipated-fueling inflationary forces.
  • Second, the sub-prime mortgage fall-out has the economy trapped in the worst recession since WW2… and has introduced a climate of fear. Historically, gold has thrived in such an atmosphere, since it represents the ultimate form of financial security.
  • Third, political tensions in the Middle East are becoming more unstable… with an entire host of nightmarish possibilities. As tensions escalate, gold can only increase in value.
  • Finally, from a technical standpoint, there are two ancient clichés: “the trend is your friend” and “don’t fight the tape.” Quite simply, it is going up because it is going up. Long-term cycles and trend-lines all agree: a powerful up-trend is in place, quite possibly for years to come.

That’s why the time is right for Big Gold

At Casey Research, the natural resource markets are our specialty– and have been since 1979. Our experienced team hones in on the gold market with laser-like intensity– having one goal in mind-to leave you in delighted shock as the mountains of profits pile up!

We launched Big Gold in April of 2007, in anticipation of the raging bull market coming in gold. How have we done so far? Let’s take a look:

  • Kinross Gold (KGC) up 62.75% in just 10 months…
  • Newmont Mining (NEM) up 31.34% in just 7 months…
  • Agnico Eagle Mines ((AEM) up 21.34% in 3 months…
  • Jinshan Gold Mines Inc (JIN) up 28.25% in 6 months…
  • StreetTRACKSgold (GLD) up 32.94% in 8 months…

As you can see, we are dead serious about pumping up your profits…not years from now, but now! Just listen to what a few of our delighted subscribers have to say:

Thank you kindly for keeping me on track. I appreciate your information, talent and honesty. In the last year I have made considerably more money than I ever have and it's because of the stock info and guidance: to stay long when I should... and to lighten up on positions when appropriate.
R. McCleery

The Casey newsletters are hands -down the most valuable of the newsletters I subscribe to...The stock picks are invaluable...and provide an invaluable insight that cuts through the noise... Great job and much appreciated.
R. Wagstaff.

Each issue of Big Gold is jammed-packed with exciting information… unique facts that you simply can’t find anywhere else. We not only tell you the best stocks to buy… we also tell you when to sell those stocks… and the gold stocks to avoid. Additionally, we provide our experienced analysis of the large economic trends and political developments that may affect the price of gold.

O.K., I’m convinced… but what’s the price?

A fact-filled, moneymaking publication like Big Gold would be a value at several hundred dollars a year. This is the average price of an advisory newsletter or a market seminar.

And do you know what? Big Gold would be a bargain at that price. By simply following a few of our recommendations, the subscription price can be recaptured within a short period of time.

But we’re not going to charge you anything near that!

The normal cost of a one-year subscription to Big Gold is $149.00.

But by acting now, a one-year subscription is yours for only $79!

That’s right-for less than 25 cents a day-you get it all. But don’t delay– this is strictly a limited-time offer.

Our iron-clad guarantee– try Big Gold for a full 90 days– if you are not completely, 100% satisfied– if you feel that we haven’t given you everything that we have promised– just let us know, and you will receive a no-questions-asked complete refund.

After 90 days, we will still refund the balance of your subscription. What in the world could possibly be fairer than that?

Remember the gold bull market of the late 1970’s… don’t be left out of this one…

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