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They smiled when they heard me say… “Just wait until we get out on the course… you will see a new me.”

But the smiles vanished… and they watched with shock and awe… as my tee shot flew straight down the middle of the fairway…

Almost 300 yards!

Learn how you can do the same with

Golf at the Next Level

Dear Fellow Golf-Lover:

If you’re like me, you fell in love with the game of golf early on. There is just something almost indescribable about the feeling of the first time on the course on an early spring day… crisp, fresh air… chirping birds… colorful green grass... leaves starting to sprout on the trees… bright sunlight…picturesque, clear blue sky… the refreshing sip of cold water. Being one with nature like this gives an incredible feeling of being alive-and enjoying every minute!

However, if you are like me, the game did not come easy. You know the embarrassment of a dubbed tee shot… the maddening frustration of missing a short “give-me” putt… the stomach-turning feeling of landing in another bunker… and the hopelessness of knowing that it doesn’t matter if you use a fairway wood or a long- iron…you will still be miles away from the green.

Like me, you have probably tried it all. The latest “scientific breakthroughs” in golf products…the so-called “cutting-edge” technology (of which there seems to be a never-end to the infomercials promoting them as ‘the answer’)… private lessons… books… magazines… instructional videos… physical fitness designed for golfers…and maybe even mental techniques like visualization and self-hypnosis.

Yet none of these approaches lived up to their promises

What’s worse, the blame always seems to come back to you. You’re not using the equipment correctly, or you are not applying the techniques you were taught…or a host of other reasons. At times, it can become so discouraging that it is no wonder so many golfers give up in hopeless disgust.

However, the fact that you are reading this tells me that you are not a quitter! Like me, you are that special breed of pit-bull that simply will not give up your quest to improve your golf game.

In my case, I confess to being a “golf-junkie”. I love watching golf, reading about golf, analyzing golf, and, of course, playing the game. The time spent with my father on the golf course has been priceless. So even though I struggled for years, quitting golf never entered my mind.

Golf is more than just a game

Maybe you have heard that phrase before-and to me, it takes on special importance at least once a year. Let me explain.

Every year, myself and three army buddies hold an annual re-union. Between reminiscing and partying, we always hit the links. And this is why my quest for improvement became so important.

One of my friends was a very competitive amateur, and his game showed it. The other two downplayed their skills… but when we teed-up, it was obvious that both of them were spending more time on the golf course than they cared to admit… to me or their wives.

Of course, we said this was a non-competitive outing… but who are we kidding? Who wants to admit that they are getting old? Under all of the laughter and good times, our competitive natures come out… and at times, the intensity level ramps up to resemble a major tournament. I usually finish in the cellar… at times, making a total fool out of myself.

Last year was different

However, last year was different. The former competitive amateur teed-off with his usual straight and long drive. The other two followed close to him. Then it was my turn.

The good-natured ribbing began… “Uh-oh, here comes the new you”… “try not to drive the green”… etc. I took a few awkward practice swings, and approached the ball with an exaggerated determination… like I really was serious! My partners confessed that they were really enjoying the comedy.

But as my perfectly timed swing made a direct connection with the balls sweet spot, their laughter turned to amazement… as they watched me outdrive them all!

As we began the march toward our next shot, one of my “opponents” joked that “maybe you have been spending too much time on the driving range… let’s see how your irons are.” I smiled both outwardly and inwardly…knowing that this year things really were different. For once, I couldn’t wait for my next shot.

The game was on!

No question about it… I was in “the zone.” Every part of my game was clicking… thundering drives… long and accurate fairway woods and long-irons… precise short-iron shots that left me thinking not of bogies, or even pars… but birdies! And not one three-putt the entire round. Time flew and the real world ceased to exist as hole after hole went smoother than I could have dreamed!

“O.K., what’s the secret?”

As we sat in the clubhouse and tallied up the scorecards, my buddies were demanding that I reveal what had so totally and completely transformed my game… in less than one year! To say they were astonished was an understatement. Then I made my confession.

“Have you guys heard of Golf at the Next Level?”

I then explained to them how I discovered what was costing me extra strokes. And the answers were surprisingly simple.

I have uncovered a system from The Golf Institute of America called Golf at the Next Level,” I explained. “And it’s not like anything that you may have tried. You don’t need to spend years changing your swing… nor do you need to buy new clubs and the latest innovative golf balls every six months.”

Believe it or not, the entire system revolves around a few things”, I continued. “I learned how to identify equipment issues, how to hit more greens, how off-center impact was piling up my strokes, and got into the habit of checking my glove… that pretty well sums it up.”

One of my friends asked: “This sounds like another scheme to make us buy new stuff every year… is it?”

Not at all”, I replied. “In fact, Golf at the Next Level will make you aware of the marketing hype and misleading ads that you see on infomercials… you will cynically discover that the golf industry has a vested interest in you not improving your game.

If you do, you won’t be buying new ‘toys’ every spring.”

“Tell us more”

By now, I realized that we had been talking quite awhile… and we needed another round! So I pushed on.

Golf at the Next Level just does a few things… but as you guys seen today, it does them quite well. You will learn a simple secret that leads to that magic moment in golf-the perfect impact. You will also learn how to test your clubs. And you will learn inside information about the golf industry that will change your thinking forever. Finally, there are two simple pieces of equipment that will increase your distance and allow you to hit more greens than you ever thought possible. All of this will shave strokes off your score… and bring back the fun of the game”

Kinda like you today, huh?” my friend added, and we had another round of laughter.

“How do we get going?”

Quite simply” I told them. “To learn more about the system, and how Golf at the Next Level can truly change your game– quickly and effortlessly start by signing up for their FREE e-newsletter… it is really that simple.”

Just go to www.golfatthenextlevel.com and join the team by signing up for the FREE e-newsletter… and go from there.”

As we left, I just couldn’t resist telling them this: “I know that today I had an almost ‘unfair advantage’… but I’m willing to share it with you guys… because next year I’ll be that much better, and winning will be even more enjoyable than this year.”

Stay tuned for next year’s results!

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