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Tired of feeling like you have been robbed when you leave the Gas pumps?

Sick of feeling helpless when you realize you are paying almost twice as much for fuel as you did just a short time ago?

Even worse, consider that prices may never return to previous levels.

No wonder so many people have given into despair and feel there is nothing they can do…until now

Introducing Optifuel XTR!

The most powerful fuel additive in the world!

Affinity Lifestyles is proud to introduce Optifuel XTR, the most cutting-edge fuel additive in the world. Test have proven that when Optifuel XTR is added to fuel, there is an amazing boost of increased fuel mileage, as well as equally impressive reductions in carbon buildup and other related engine maintenance problems.

Optifuel XTR has been proven to:

o Improve fuel economy
o Reduce particle emissions
o Keep oil clean
o Prevent fuel tank erosion
o Reduce combustion wear

So easy to use

Using Optifuel XTR is simple. Just add it to your fuel tank and watch the astonishing results. One three-once bottle will treat 300 gallons of regular gasoline or 240 gallons of diesel. Optifuel XTR causes your fuel to burn more completely, which means longer drives between fill-ups.

Incomplete fuel combustion is causing your dollars to literally “go up in smoke” and adds to your maintenance headaches. Optifuel XTR will put cash where it belongs…in your pocket!

As with all Affinity products, Optifuel XTR is backed by a 100% Money-back “empty bottle” 30-day guarantee. Try your first order completely risk-free.

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