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My hands were trembling… sweat was pouring… and my heart was pounding as I looked at that dreaded certified letter from the IRS… then the thought came to me…”

Thank God I purchased H&R Block’s extended warranty…”

Peace of Mind

The most powerful audit shield in the world!

Dear Valued H&R Block Client:

There is no question about it-the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the only federal agency that can freeze your bank account without a court order… completely at their discretion. Did you know:

  • In the year 2006, IRS audits skyrocketed a whopping 169%

  • You can’t be safe from an audit, regardless of whether your return is complicated or simple-it doesn’t matter to an IRS computer

  • The average audit costs the taxpayer an additional tax bill of $1,254… and that doesn’t include the missed work, stress-filled days and sleepless nights

Also, this is not the “warm and fuzzy” IRS of the late 1990’s and the early part of this decade. At that time, the Roth congressional hearings over IRS abuses caused such public outcry that the IRS was far less aggressive than before… but not now.

The Beast has Regained its Claws

Remember the ancient cliché: “that was then, and this is now.” That neatly sums up the IRS current attitude towards collection and audits… it is now a new game.

Faced with the most massive, spiraling, out-of-control budget deficit in this country’s history… and a new presidential administration with huge plans to pump up government spending to dizzying heights… the IRS has secretly been given the green light to “go get ‘em”.

And you are directly in their crosshairs

More grim facts-this year, the IRS will be aggressively auditing Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)… far more than in past years. There are several other “red flags” that can trigger an audit… self-employment, travel expenses, home office deductions… all honest and legal deductions that could cause a host of complications… for you.

Why you need Peace of Mind now more than ever

Just stop to think about how stressful and time-consuming an audit can be. There is the difficulty of finding all of your receipts, documenting names, dates, times and places, and researching the relevant tax codes.

In addition, there is the intimidating face-to-face audit. An IRS agent will be pouring over your tax return with a magnifying glass… and all other aspects of your personal and financial life.

The IRS could also decide to do a dreaded “root-canal” audit. This nightmare means that they will demand verification of every single deposit into your bank account for the entire year. This happens far more often than can be imagined.

An IRS audit will cost one day’s pay

Even if the IRS doesn’t find that you owe extra money, at the very least you will be suffering the stress and inconvenience of a day in the IRS office. Also, remember that you will miss a day’s work… and the price of Peace of Mind is much less than a day’s pay.

But you don’t need to worry when you purchase Peace of Mind

Just look at the benefits you will receive when you add Peace of Mind to your H&R Block prepared tax return:

  • If we make a mistake, we will pay all penalties and interests-costs that pile up rapidly

  • If you are audited, we will handle it all. After meeting with one of our Enrolled Agents (an experienced, well-trained tax professional that is licensed to practice in front of the IRS), you won’t even have to show up at your own audit…we will do it all!

  • If the IRS wants more money, we will pay up to an additional $5,000!

Now do you see why Peace of Mind is perfectly named? We can state confidently that this is the best audit shield that money can buy.

O.K., I’m convinced… but what does it cost?

When you consider all that this ironclad guarantee does for you-the confidence that you are being represented and championedby H&R Block, the largest and most respected income tax company in the business-it is easy to see how we could charge $100 for Peace of Mind.

And do you know what? Even at that price, it would be a bargain.

But we are not going to charge you $100…or even half that. Peace of Mind is yours for the unbelievably low price of just $30! This covers your return for 3 years-so the cost is just $10 a year.

But wait… there’s more

In addition to providing this powerful protection to you at the federal level, Peace of Mind also gives you the same protection at the state and local levels as well. Talk about having all bases covered... Peace of Mind does all of that… and for just pennies a day!

So don’t forget to tell you tax professional:

  • Yes! I want Peace of Mind!

P.S. Remember-when you purchase Peace of Mind, the entire financial resources, tax knowledge and integrity of H&R Block… the pioneer of the tax industry, truly a name you can trust… stands directly with you. Don’t hesitate-add Peace of Mind to your tax return, and let us do the worrying!

P.P.S. When you purchase Peace of Mind, you will have 7 days to reconsider. During that time, if you do not want to keep Peace of Mind, just let us know and you will receive a no-questions-asked refund. What could be fairer than that?

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