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Low Fat… low Carbs… make sure you eat this… don’t eat that… it’s enough to make anyone scream:

“Help! What should I really be eating?”

Learn the facts about eating for super-charged energy…and optimum health…the answers will surprise you

Amazing, astonishing nutritional secrets revealed-at last!

Dear Newsmax Friend:

There’s no question about it-there has never been more confusion about what we should eat. The ever increasing number of “food guru’s” continue to add to the confusion factor with a maze of conflicting ideas…avoid carbs…low fat is the only safe way to eat…some types of fats are good…try vegetarian…some carbs are good…dairy is bad…and on and on and on.

More people are realizing that what they eat does make a difference…in how they look and feel…and in the quality and length of their lives. But, what was “in” yesterday is “out” today-and there has never been a greater need for a voice of clarity and reason.

Also, what about the food industry? Are genetically modified foods safe? According to the industry, there is nothing to worry about…just like the additives that require a dictionary when reading the label of ingredients.

The limits of modern medicine

With so much emphasis on prescription drugs and surgery in the mainstream medical community, it is easy for physicians to overlook the importance of correct nutrition. In fact, doctors are not concerned about nutrition anywhere near the extent of other medical topics and procedures.

The result is that many physicians have a disdain for the healing power of food. In fact, many members of the medical establishment feel that any cure of a major disease that occurs without official medical intervention is consider “spontaneous remission.”

Modern medicine can work miracles when you are seriously ill or injured. But its ability to avoid sickness is far from perfect. So, is there anyone that you can listen to with confidence? Anyone who has the training, experience and scientific “know-how” to give you the nutritional advice that you desperately need? Anyone who can cut through the fog of confusion and make you understand exactly what is good and what is not…in plain English?

The answer is YES!

Dr. Russell Blaylock, the Newsmax health expert and editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report is the answer to the questions posed above. Dr. Blaylock is truly unique-a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. Although well versed in traditional medicine, he leaves no stone unturned in his mission-to bring you the truth, in all health matters-no matter what.

To this end, Dr. Blaylock has spent years of intense study and research to expose and zap the rumors, half-truths and misconceptions about nutrition. Here are just a few of the topics covered in this edition of The Blaylock Wellness Report:

  • Low fat vs. low carbs…why they are both right and both wrong
  • The facts about Soy
  • No one diet is right for everyone all the time-the unique method of discovering what is right for you
  • The fallacy of the food pyramid
  • Are eggs safe?
  • Are organic foods really more nutritious than commonly grown ones?
  • Can fruits and vegetables really lower the risk of cancer?
  • Are food additives helpful…or harmful?
  • Every food philosophy has its believers…and its critics. Learn what has been proven…and what to avoid

And many more fascinating answers

Even though food is not always the cause of our health issues, quite often, it is the cure...and after reading this issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report, you will know exactly what and how to eat.

Each fact-filled issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report is jammed with the latest breakthroughs in the alternative health field-all designed to bring you the facts…relevant, useful and simple to understand facts-which you can put to use immediately.

Our ironclad, money-back guarantee stands behind every word and promise that we have told you about.

Go ahead…make Dr. Blaylock prove that he can do what he says that he can. All of the risk is on him, not you. So don’t delay…this is information so vital, so unique and so important to your good health-that you simply can’t wait another minute!


P.S. Our guarantee is quite simple-if at any time during your subscription-and for any reason- you feel that The Blaylock Wellness Report is not doing everything that we have promised you, we will cheerfully refund every cent that you have spent. That shows how confident we are that we will meet and exceed your expectations. So go ahead-there is absolutely nothing to lose.

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