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Take that all-important step towards financial freedom!

Start living the life that you have long dreamed about!

Welcome to Affinity Lifestyles! In the next few minutes, you will be introduced to the most exciting, powerful and successfully proven system for rapidly developing a stream of income that can lead to a six-figure income in less time than you ever imagined!

And the best part is this: you can start immediately while working at home, full-time or part-time. It is totally up to you!


Did you know that the direct marketing industry has grown to over $400 billion a year? Across the nation, a new home based business starts approximately every 10 seconds…and that’s just in the U.S. Our business model works worldwide, thus enabling you to expand your business to any and all corners of the globe. Think about the virtually unlimited growth potential!


  • Created an instant cash flow

  • Spent more quality time with their families

  • Achieved financial independence from home

  • Became their own boss

  • Worked their personal schedule

  • Retired with security

  • Lived the lifestyle they had dreamed about

The time to start living the life that you have dreamed about is right now! And remember, you are not alone. We are committed to insuring your success.


Start making money now. Do you have what it takes? Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Confidence in your ability to succeed

  • A positive attitude

  • A willingness to learn

That’s it! You can start right now and you don’t have to quit your job. Many of our associates began in their spare time and kept their current position allowed them the freedom to leave their job. If they did it, so can you!


When you learn our easy-to-follow system, you will be delighted to learn that there is:

  • No personal selling

  • No product inventory or delivery

  • No home meetings

  • No huge expensive “pep rallies”

  • A steady flow of customers and potential associates

  • Freedom from bothering family and friends

Affinity Lifestyles has spent the required time, effort and money in developing this foolproof, easy-to-follow system. We will provide you with a clear-cut, easy to understand blueprint for success. There is no need for you to “re-invent the wheel”.

One of the most time-proven, effective models for success in any endeavor is to discover the method that successful people have used to reach their goals and follow that model… and that’s why we are here for you.

WHY Affinity lifestyles IS UNIQUE

We offer the only Multi-level Marketing (MLM) opportunity backed by a large, experienced and successful media company. What this means to you is the chance to participate in a truly revolutionary marketing method that will quickly swell your bank account!

How? Well, the beauty of this marketing model is its originality and simplicity. Please allow us to explain.

Every week, we run a series of radio infomercials and advertisements designed to introduce listeners to our exciting, cutting-edge health and nutritional products. Our products truly change lives for the better. Our satisfied customers report weight-loss, more energy, reduction of aches and pains, deeper, more satisfying sleep and a host of other health related benefits to us constantly. What a great feeling to be able to help people regain the health that nature intended them to have naturally!

In fact, our products create such excitement that many first-time users can’t wait to spread the word by inquiring about the opportunity to receive regular shipments of our products at a reduced rate.

A continual stream of customers and potential associates

This allows you the opportunity to discuss our business opportunity with them. It is easy to discuss Affinity Lifestyles with people who have responded to the infomercial… after all, it worked on them! Think about this– you will be reminding them that the same opportunity is available to them.

Remember, this all begins with the radio infomercials. Upon becoming an associate, you have the opportunity to purchase advertising time in exchange for a steady stream of customers. We need to emphasize that these are not leads…they are customers who have by themselves contacted the company! It is then simply a matter of introducing them to the business. This is even easier when you remind them that they themselves responded to the same marketing. They can then see for themselves just how effective this works. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel!

No need to bother your friends

Think about this. One of the huge problems in the MLM industry is a syndrome called NO FRIENDS LEFT (NFL). Many MLM company’s have fine products and an excellent compensation plan. But the question of “Where do I find potential associates” is often answered by the proven difficult and ineffective method of writing out a list of everyone that you know.

This puts all of the emphasis on you, and can put a strain on many of your close personal relationships with family members and friends who at best are just not interested in the business. At worst, they may actually start to avoid you. “Oh no, here comes that vitamin guy”, or something else along those lines. Any business gains can seem like a high price to pay for the loss of your friends.

Just make the comparison yourself

Affinity Lifestyles will enable you to bypass all of those concerns. We generate a growing customer base every week that will allow you to talk to interested people who have already shown an interest in the products! Contrast this with the approach of other MLM company’s.

Their products can be good, and their meetings are extravagant and exciting. But there is an element of “all dressed up and nowhere to go”. By that, we mean that they give no concrete ideas for contacting potential associates. “That’s your job, because it’s your business, therefore it is up to you to find your potential customers and associates” is a depressingly familiar refrain. They may as well just scream (“GO GET ‘EM”).

But by joining our team and allowing us to show you our system, you can avoid these problems. Just listen to a few of our successful associates:

I can’t believe that after only 8 months of following your system, I have been able to quit my job! My husband and I have purchased a rental property and I have just bought my dream car (a Lexus) and we have many other plans. At times it still seems like a dream”!

–Susan D.; Cincinnati, Ohio

We have always wanted to travel, but with my wife and I tied down by our jobs and our lack of income, it seemed like our travel plans were going to remain dreams. But that’s all changed now, thanks to the system that Better Business for You has shared with us. Thanks for the opportunity to write this from a beach in Costa Rica”!

–James J.; Independence, MO

As a single mom, I had tried many home based business opportunities in an effort to develop a second income. None of them seemed to work. I was ready to give up when I heard about your easy-to-follow system. What a change! No more excuses when my kids need new clothes for school and money for school activities. Thanks so much!”

–Linda M.; Ft Worth, Texas

Opportunity isn’t just knocking at your door… it’s pounding!

There comes a time when you really need to be honest with yourself. Are you content to go through life just dreaming about what you want? Or are you finally prepared to take action? The answer is up to you. So many people claim that they want to increase their income, yet they never get past the talk stage and take action.

But if you don’t plan to actually do anything, perhaps it is best to abandon your dreams and live your life the way that you have been living it. The choice is yours.

Take that all-important first step…Complete this form to get started. No risk. No obligation.


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