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Finally… a new, all-natural cosmetic product that allows you to


Exciting facial skin care breakthrough instantly takes years off your appearance… no more Botox!

There is no question that our facial skin is a casualty of aging. Excess exposure to sunlight, environmental toxins, poor nutrition and stress all combine to produce wrinkles, smile lines and crows-feet.

To make things worse, as we age our skin loses the ability to retain moisture… that results in the dry, inelastic look associated with aging.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for skin rejuvenators to restore that vibrant, youthful facial look, there have been several attempts to solve the problem. Some “solutions” have been natural and safe, but ineffective. Others are completely un-natural and downright dangerous.

In spite of all these efforts, the perfect solution has not been found… until now.

Introducing Deception

Many moisturizers work… but they may take several days, or even weeks to show positive results– but not Deception! To prove it, we invite you to take the Deception test.

20 Years off in 60 seconds!

That’s right-you will notice an astonishing difference in your face in just 60 seconds. To prove it, gently rub a small amount of Deception on only one side of your face. Simply wait about 60 seconds, and then look at yourself in the mirror.

“It’s a bona fide miracle” –Flair magazine

After seeing the results of Deception’s seemingly magical effects with your own eyes, we are confident that you will agree with the above quote. Why? Because the side of your face that you have put Deception on will look up to 20 years younger than the other side! (This may vary from person to person).

Imagine seeing your wrinkles, smile lines and crows-feet start to fill in and disappear almost immediately. And more exciting news- Deception cream is odorless, colorless, and completely invisible– you won’t even know it was applied.

“This is incredible-what’s the secret?”

No secret-just the marriage of modern science with a recently re-discovered substance called “Emu Oil”, a food by-product obtained from the fat of the Emu. Australian Aborigines have used Emu Oil for thousands of years for relief of minor aches and pains and to protect their skin from the elements.

What the Aborigines have long known has recently been proven in laboratory research. In several tests conducted by the Emu Oil Institute, Emu Oil has proven effective in treating Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea, along with proving the superior moisturizing and cosmetic properties of Emu Oil in double-blind studies.

There is no question about it-Emu Oil is the most powerful… most effective… and most amazing cosmetic ingredient in the world.

Why Deception is unique

No matter how effective the ingredients of any cosmetic product are, they will not be totally absorbed if they can’t penetrate quickly into your skin. This makes many products useless. Simply put, any treatment must work thoroughly inside the skin to produce the promised results. As you may have already discovered, not all skin care products are created equal.

Julie Brumlik, the creator of Deception, was well aware of the shortcomings of many cosmetic facial treatments. Her years of experience in the skin care industry resulted in her discovery of the powerful, almost magical effects of Emu Oil. Julie was determined to make it widely available.

However, she didn’t stop there. Her research team developed the only triple-refined Emu Oil in the world. Also, a “surprise” extra ingredient is added to Deceptionsuperfine silicone dioxide nanoprisms. In plain English, this means that Deception can penetrate deep– through seven layers of skin!

This puts Deception “head & shoulders” above any other moisturizer– anywhere!

See the results for yourself

With continued use, you will see the following benefits happen almost magically:

  • Wrinkle Reduction

  • Improved Skin Tone
  • Increased Skin Glow
  • Smoother Skin
  • Huge Reduction in Dark Circles
  • More Skin Nourishment & Moisture

Not to mention the fact that your wrinkles may no longer exist!

No More Botox

Since Deception is composed of all-natural ingredients, it is completely safe to use. Just look at a comparison of Botox to Deception:



Injection can spread, causing paralysis in unintended areas

Works only in the area that it is directly applied

Numbness or tingling in injected area

No injections; applied with fingertips

Headache, nausea and allergic reaction

No side effects

Several hundred dollars per treatment and treatment every 90 days

A fraction of the cost of Botox


Just listen to a few comments of excited, satisfied users of Deception:

  • This stuff really, really does work. Don’t wait! Try it out for yourself. Honestly, your wrinkles won’t know what hit them.” ~ Beauty News, Los Angeles.
  • Demi Moore and Goldie Hawn have Deception applied by their makeup artists. Deception disguises wrinkles.” ~ Star Weekly
  • Cell renewal overnight… for aging skin, it’s a dream come true.” ~ Harper’s Bazaar
  • An optical illusion that makes wrinkles disappear”.~Ulta Beauty magazine

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

Julie is so confident that you will be totally amazed with the results of Deception– that you will discover that it will do everything that she says… safely, painlessly and effortlessly… that she is extending an un-heard of 60 day money back guarantee! If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled by the miracles that Deception will work on your face, just return it anytime within 60 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund. What could possibly be fairer than that?

So act now! Take Julie up on her offer. All of the risk is on her-not you. To order, just click below:

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